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6 Amazing Tips on How to Stop Dog from Scratching Door

Dogs are curious by nature. I think that is one of the aspects of their personality that makes them cute. I have a number of dogs and their antics do keep me amused throughout the day! But, sometimes, this curiosity gets a little too much. One of such acts of curiosity, which often annoys dog owners, is the scratching of the door.

I see a lot of dogs scratching the doors of their homes to get out. Sometimes, they might do it just to get your attention or they might want to do something else. Whatever, the reason might be, you cannot ignore the fact that is pretty annoying. So, how can you stop that? That’s exactly what we are going to talk about in this article here. Here, we would be looking at how to stop dogs from scratching door. We would be looking at some of the tips that you can try out to stop this behaviour from your dog.

Who Else Wants to Know When Can Puppy Go Outside (#2 Is Really Important)

At First Glance​

When you bring a puppy to your home, you should be prepared for countless moments of joy and happiness. I still remember when I brought home Roy, my Labrador pup. His cuteness was infectious and within days, he became a part of my life. Now, one of the first questions that came to my mind is that when can puppy go outside? I am sure most of you new dog owners would have the same question. Here, we are going to look at some of the tips that you should follow before you take your puppy outside.

Are Jalapenos Bad for Dogs – Facts that You Should Know (#7 will Surprise You)

At First Glance​

Every once in a while we like to savour the exotic flavors of spicy food. Thanks to the popularity of the Tex-Mex cuisine, we get a lot of options when it comes to spicy foods. Now, one of the key ingredients of such food is Jalapenos. These chili peppers are like little balls of fire! I don’t know about you but I am great fan of Jalapenos.

I see a lot of dog owners feeding to their dogs whatever they eat, even Jalapenos. But the question is – Are Jalapenos Bad for Dogs? In the following post, we are going to look at some of the facts that you should know about Jalapenos and dogs

How to Keep Ants Away from Dog Food (#4 is the Smartest)!

Taking proper care of your dog is perhaps one of the most important duties that you must perform if you have a dog. Pedro, my 1 year old Dachshund, means the world to me. Like every true dog lover on the planet, I ensure that I take good care of all his needs.

For Pedro, I ensure that he has a balanced diet. But, of late I have found that he was not eating well. The problem was ants. Whenever I served him his food, ants took over it. Pedro, naturally, avoided the food.

I found out that some of my friends were having the same issue. In the following post, we are going to look at how to keep ants away from dog food. So, without wasting much of your time, let’s get down to it.

All You Wanted To Know About ‘Why Does My Dog’s Breath Smell Like Fish’

Why does my dog’s breath smell like fish? Is this the question that you keep asking yourself but can’t seem to find an answer to? Then keep reading for more insight into this.

Dog’s friendly nature and co-operation in many aspects make them be considered as suitable chums. However, there are instances when your dog may depict certain characters or in this case irritable breath that you cannot withstand. Fish smelling breath can be due to some varied reasons, while some may be health related, others may just be due to a habit like anal licking of the dog or something else that you as the owner need to identify.​